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Cherrywood House in Cape Town

From the outset, it has to be emphasised that the entire team at Cherrywood House has your freedom from addiction and your growth into recovery at the very heart of our aims and objectives for you. We would not lose one minute’s sleep if all you did was arrive at Cherrywood House and bury your head into the assignments and the counselling sessions up until the minute you returned home. In fact, that would be one sure-fire way of getting the most out of our programme. However, we are fully aware of the trauma of treatment and of facing up to the consequences of the addiction; it is probably one of the most emotionally and psychologically arduous experiences that you may ever undertake. We, therefore, believe that some ‘out-time’ can be just as beneficial as a clinical therapy. Cherrywood House encourages clients to partake in some of the local attractions at our disposal as a means of actually getting away from the trauma of therapy and to start experiencing natural highs from the wonderful adventures in our area and the most stunning coastlines.

Cape Town is situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is a coastal town with rich heritage with early trade routes and station established by the Dutch East India company before the construction of the Suez Canal.

Cape Town has an iconic landscape with beautiful mountains meeting the Atlantic ocean at pristine clear beaches.

Constantia, the suburb where Cherrywood House  is located is subject to tranquil environs and biodiversity  with beautiful vineyards and fruit orchards.

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