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The treatment programme offered by Cherrywood House is comprehensive. Our minimum programme duration is 30 days. We recommend a 3 month treatment programme for maximum benefit, however, we are able to consolidate the programme into a 30 day period should circumstances not allow for an extended duration of treatment. Should individuals require extended treatment, the team at Cherrywood House will develop the programme accordingly to best serve each individual client’s needs.
No. We remain at all times respectful and accepting of our clients’ religious backgrounds, however, we do not espouse religion in any way, shape or form as an element of our treatment modality.
Yes, we encourage our clients to stay in touch with their families and loved ones during down time and will accommodate your need to attend remotely to responsibilities in the outside world.
The 12 Step programme may be used as an entirely complimentary modality to our programme if you so wish. We believe that there is no one “right way” to recover and we all have individual needs and tools that work for us. Each of us has a distinct path to walk and your recovery or process looks just like that - your recovery or process.
Everyone is terrified of trying and failing - we've been conditioned to believe that failure is something to be avoided at all costs, and proof of our inability to accomplish goals. The only real failure is not trying something in the first place, or giving up after a few failed attempts. Those that are successful - at anything - are the ones who dare to try despite their fear, and the ones who stand up after they fall. Success is built through failure - not through avoidance of risk of failure.
Client’s medications are securely stored onsite in locked medicine fridges. Cherrywood House provide clients with their medication in a timely, accessible and expert manner, administered by qualified staff.
Cherrywood House offers offsite Medical Detox at a registered private clinic, administered by an expert medical team. Clients are transported to and from the clinic for medical detox, and are supported by the Cherrywood House team throughout the detox process. The rate for detox is not included in programme fees.
The most important part of your long term recovery will begin when you finish rehab. Cherrywood House recognises that leaving rehab can be a daunting experience for many individuals. For this reason, we make available ongoing aftercare support services free of charge to departing clients for a period of 12 months following programme completion.
In many instances Cherrywood House clients have dual diagnosis. Dual Diagnosis may be defined as clients having more than one illness to be treated simultaenosuly. Depression and Anxiety disorder are both common features of dual diagnosis. Cherrywood House has developed a comprehensive programme to address the multi faceted needs of clients dealing with Depression, Anxiety, and other mental health related issues.
Cherrywood House adopts an holisitic approach to recovery, advocating physical exercise as an important part of this process. Onsite faciltiies include a solar heated swimming pool, large garden for outdoor activities, as well as cardiovascular and strength training equipment in our gym. We further offer the services of Personal Trainers, conduct guided walks on Cape Town’s world renowned beaches and mountains, and provide Yoga onsite.
Cherrywood House rates are exclusive of any personalised medical or psychiatric services, such as, doctor and psychiatrist fees, medication, specialist dietetics, dental services, pocket money for goods / items of a personal nature such as toiletries.
Cherrywood House offers a very high counsellor to client ratio, with each client receiving daily individual counselling sessions, daily group counselling, that address very specific aspects of the client’s treatment. Cherrywood House counsellors are all highly qualified, experienced, professionals, registered with the HPCSA.
Cherrywood House is staffed by an expert multi disciplinary team, who are well equipped to treat clients with Dual Diagnosis. Each client will undergo an evaluation, that will determine their individual treatment needs. Dual diagnosis clients are assured of the very best care in this regard.
Yes. We’ll approach these things on three different levels. First, by giving you practices, tips, and tools to incorporate into your life so that you naturally reduce stress and anxiety and don’t need to escape/won’t hit a place of craving. Second, by giving you a toolkit so that when cravings/temptations do strike, you have healthy coping mechanisms to turn to (and also by helping you become a great witness of your own behavior so you know how to manage it). Third, by providing you an understanding of WHY these things happen - education is KEY to learning how to manage behaviors.
No one does. Ever. All you have to do is try. All you have to do is start. And then all you have to do is keep trying. That's it. That is how we do impossible things we think we can't do. Everyone is terrified of trying and failing - we’ve been conditioned to believe that failure is something to be avoided at all costs, and proof of our inability to accomplish goals. The only real failure is not trying something in the first place, or giving up after a few failed attempts. Those that are successful—at anything —are the ones who dare to try despite their fear, and the ones who stand up after the fall. Success is built through failure—not through avoidance of risk of failure.
We can support you in your recovery from: • Narcotic Addiction (Heroin, Cat, Tik, Ketamine, Marijuana, GHB, Speed/ Methamphetamine, Cocaine) • Alcohol Addiction • Process Addictions (Sex, Gambling, Compulsive Behaviours) • Prescription Medication Abuse
We set this environment up to allow for just this. You are free to stand around the edges and watch other people, and then jump in when and if the time feels right. We will share this - groups of people in recovery or sobriety houses and workshops are not your typical "group environments" and the conversations that are had are FAR more interesting than the ones you might encounter at, say, a business development course. There is a level of honesty, humility, and vulnerability that you often don't get a chance to witness or be part of.
Family, friends and / or loved ones are encouraged to visit cleints during our specified visiting hours. Standard visiting hours are weekly between 13h00 to 16h00 on a Sunday afternoon. Requests for visits outside of standard visiting hours may be placed with the team.
Cherrywood House has an in house GP and will book onsite consults with our Doctor as required. Where visits to external medical professionals are required, Cherrywood House provides transport to and from these appointments.
Cherrywood House offers accomodation in comfortable shared double rooms, or alternatively in single occupancy suites at an additional rate. Clients are asked to specify their preference in advance of admission.
Cherrywood House provides a Family Support Group for those impacted by a loved one’s addiction. The Family Support Group at Cherrywood House is a resource specifically for the family and loved ones of those suffering from addiction. We provide the family with the support, education, and tools to begin the family’s journey to recovery. It is our mission to guide the family to understand that they need and deserve support.
Cherrywood House offers the services of in house Mental Health specialists. Each client is evaluated by our multi disciplinary team and referred to our consulting Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist as required.
Clients will be provided with a comprehensive packing list in advance of their arrival at Cherrywood House. Any additional items that are required following admission may be arrangement via our House Manager.
Cherrywood House provides world class support during both inpatient treatment and the aftercare that follows. Continued support in recovery has been identified as key to treatment success, and as such, we pride ourselves on our 12 month, free of charge, aftercare support ptogramme, following inpatient treatment Whilst addiction is defined as a “chronic, relapsing disorder”, relapse may often form a part of the recovey journey, and given the right tools and ongoing support, client’s are supported in maintaining their recovery journey and forging a life worth living.
Cherrywood House offers a specialised programme for Eating Disorder Treatment, administered by an experienced ED counsellor. We offer treatment for the full spectrum of process orders, including, gambling, sex and love, gaming, and other disorders of this type.