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Marjanne Jongerden

Recovery Coach

After a tough journey through life, Marjanne managed to make a permanent recovery from substance addiction in 2011. It was then that she decided to build on her life experiences with further studies, so that she would be able to help people who want to change their lives.

Marjanne is now certified in the Netherlands as a higher professional integrative coach and counsellor, a mindfulness trainer and an ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) counsellor.  She is also a qualified Peer Recovery Specialist and Recovery Coach in South Africa. It was a beautiful and sometimes painful road, but it brought her to where she is now – turning the poison from the past into medicine today.

Marjanne knows recovery is possible for anyone who seeks it. She has experienced it herself, and seen it happen for so many others. Her passion is to walk that road with people, the road from the depths of addiction to a place of wellness, with tears, laughter, honesty and love. She absolutely loves her work as a coach and just being herself.



Languages: English, Dutch, Intermediate German, Basic French