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Programmes at Cherrywood House

At Cherrywood House you will receive an unparalleled standard of individual care. We offer daily one on one counselling sessions, setting us apart from other facilities that provide a standard offering of one counseling session per week.

Addiction Treatment

Recovery from an addiction is not easy, but it is possible. An addiction develops as a complex interaction between environment, innate traits and psychological strain. Recovery depends on much more than simply eradicating the craving for a substance or behaviour. Successful treatment demands a comprehensive approach that addresses all the factors that interact to keep the addiction alive - biological, psychological and social.

Our clients’ physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing is our first priority.  On this basis, our team provides an integrated and holistic approach to the recovery process. Each client is assigned an individual counsellor to support them on their recovery journey.

At Cherrywood House you will receive world class standards of collaborative care from our multidisciplinary team. At no point should your treatment be regarded as punitive. We walk with you in rediscovering a life worth living. No judgements, no assumptions. You are here to get better. We are here to support you in this process.

We know the road to recovery is often long, and can feel overwhelming at times. We support our clients on their journey by encouraging a healthy lifestyle with real world accountability and responsibility.

You will be treated with dignity and respect during your treatment at Cherrywood House, and will retain access to your mobile phone and electronic devices. This process reintroduces normalcy for our clients and lays the groundwork for sustainable recovery and rehabilitation.

In order for a person to break the cycle of addiction, the following steps must be achieved:

  • First, the individual must wean his or her body and mind off the addictive substance. This first phase of basic abstinence is the object of primary addiction treatment. In the case of substance addictions (specifically alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepine drugs) the patient may need to undergo a supervised medical detoxification.
  • Second, the individual must develop the internal resources that are needed to remain sober. This is achieved through a process of unravelling the web of distorted thinking, psychological maladaptation and triggers that sustain the addiction, and developing the necessary strategies and resolve to move forward without the substance or problematic behaviour.
  • Finally, the individual must consolidate and protect their sobriety over time, establishing new and healthier coping mechanisms and building a life that reinforces and sustains the recovery. This is the most important phase. Reversing the disruptive impact of addiction on the brain and reclaiming hijacked neural pathways is the work of a lifetime. Individuals can find assistance in this process through regular group therapy and support.

Our Programmes

We are committed to comprehensive care in addiction and mental health