12 Step Program: Step 2

‘we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

The spiritual ‪‎principal of step two is ‪‎Hope. Looking back on Step One briefly, we will see that we have admitted, accepted and understood that we cannot use drugs successfully and because of that our lives have become unmanageable.
It leaves us in a dark and rather hopeless place of, what now?
This is why the steps go in order, this program wasn’t designed so that we could just waste paper. These steps are truly life changing and they have worked for millions of people around the globe. The wording in step two suggests that this is a process, specifically came to believe. It doesn’t say immediately believed or understood straight away. Another spiritual principal that is used in this step is, patience. Once we have surrendered to the process of a 12 step fellowship we will learn patience and understanding. Instant gratification is over, things will happen when they are meant to, life on life’s terms.

I’ve often heard in the rooms that the idea of a power greater than ourselves is a difficult concept. Addiction being what it is and throwing in character defects such as selfishness, arrogance and grandiosity. I can understand why people find it hard to identify something more powerful than themselves. In my experience I found that with so many years of self-seeking behaviour it was hard to shift my focus onto anything else. My thought process was centred on me and only me. The concept of ‪‎God or a higher power wasn’t unrealistic, it just didn’t feature in the way I lived my life.
When introduced to Step Two, I could understand why I needed something more powerful than me, my power was no contest for the compulsion and obsession of addiction. My next task was to surrender to that power.

The realistic view of a higher power is vital to recovery. People speak about nature, the group or an inanimate object as their higher power. It would not be right to criticise what other peoples beliefs are around spirituality and question people’s idea of God. All I can do is talk about my understanding and my experience with Step Two.

Please, if you would like to know more about Step Two or any of the Steps please leave a message with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.